Our customer support team will no longer be available by phone as of Thursday, March 28, 2024.  If you need assistance after this date our Care team can be reached by email at


If you need to make a payment on your Value Power account balance, you can still do so by clicking on the “My Account” button in the upper right hand corner of the page. 


To access your current account with your new provider click on the relevant link below:

Residential Customers (You will be directed to Discount Power)

Commercial Customers (You will be directed to Cirro Energy)



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Letters were sent to all Value Power customers in October, 2023.  View PDF of Letter.


Great Rates.

All electricity providers promise great rates, but not many deliver on that promise. Other Texas electricity providers may use pricing gimmicks, hidden fees and add-ons, or plans that ultimately require you to do laundry at night to take advantage of a low rate! Not at Value Power. Our pricing plans are simple, easy to understand, and stay fixed for the long term. No gimmicks, no gotchas, no buyer beware – ever!

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Great Service.

Too long have customers been taken for granted by Texas power companies - putting customers through complicated menus, long wait times on hold, numerous “need to talk to my supervisor” excuses, and long, unresolved email chains. Not at Value Power. We understand that we only exist because of our customers and strive to give each customer the quality of service that they expect and deserve!

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Ever noticed how your electric supplier’s attitude changes once you are enrolled? In the beginning, your enrollment inquiry call or email gets answered right away, but if you have a question about your bill, you’re on hold forever? Or when it’s the end of your contract and time to renew, you’re offered electricity rates that are much, much higher than what they charge new customers? Not at Value Power. Existing customers are just as important as new ones. You get great renewal rates and the same customer service attention as newly-enrolling customer. You deserve great service – always!

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What makes us different


Value Power is brought to you by a team with a proven track record – we have served over 500,000 customers since the beginning of deregulation and Power To Choose in 2003. Over the years, the team has won numerous customer service awards – and this is because of our customer-first approach at every stage of the company and its operations.

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Transparent Pricing
Transparent Pricing
No Gimmicks
No Gimmicks
Great Customer Service
Great Customer Service

The Value Power promise to you

  • Fair, transparent pricing that will give you great value
  • No gimmicks or gotchas, and no surprise add-ons on your monthly bills
  • Great renewal rates when your contract is up for renewal – after all, we believe that the best way to acquire customers starts with keeping existing ones happy
  • High-quality customer service – we value your time and strive to keep calls quick and efficient. Our goal is to resolve your concern on one call without supervisor callbacks that have become the norm in the Texas power industry
  • We believe that when it comes to customer service, the new way to do business is the old way – where customers are valued and not taken for granted!